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Created By: JBear40
Added On: 09/10/23
Published On: 09/10/23
Updated On: 09/10/23

This is almost like eating a corner piece of cake!! (hence the name).

Summary: At 3 days, The taste is mainly in the exhale. Its insane how close to home it hits when you smell the arouma of a warm white finished cake in your grandma's kitchen on your birthday. It is great at 3 days, right before I ran out of my 10mls of it. So 3 - 6 days is a good amount of time to let the cake settle in the mix.

++Berry Cereal & Cereal 27++

The berry cereal gives a very light top note that pushes the frosting away from a generic basic frosting, and gives a noteably better experience and chance for an ADV.

The Cereal 27 gives a better texture and depth. It sits low in the cake and mixes well with the Fluffy white cake to give it a heavier base to sit on.

++Fluffy White Cake SC++

This flavor creates the flour and the cake aspect of the mix. This recipe cant go without it or it would just be a frosty cereal.

++Vanilla Cupcake & Frosting++

The main kicker of this recipe is the icing on top! instead of being a top note, this mix creates a layered cake with creamy frosting 3 times inbetween. Definitely a sweet tooth factor so watch the sweetener added (and maybe add less sweetener than in the recipe if your an experienced DIYer). Very prominent and noticable on the exhale, at first really sweet, then smelling like spooning a fresh can of cake icing.

++Super Sweet++

This mix is super sweet! Just like the corner of a cake you may regret how sweet it was. So opt in for maybe .3% Cap SS and go up from there. But at .5% I am more enticed to hit a commercial level sweetness, without gunking the coils.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPCereal 27 1
CAPSuper Sweet 0.5
CAPVanilla Cupcake 2
FLVFrosting 1
TPABerry Cereal 3
WFFluffy White Cake SC 2
Conditioning Time: 4 Days Total Flavor:9.5%