Flavorah (FLV)

Flavorah (FLV) is a USA based Flavoring manufactuer that started in 2012 with a product line built from FDA GRAS for food compounds designed for use in vapor products. All Flavorah Flavorings are food grade, but receive extra attention for their olfactory flavor profiles, and inhalation toxicology.

After 2016, FDA regulatory changes in the USA drove harm reduction products out of the market in favor of traditional burned tobacco and disposable e-cigarettes. At that time, Flavorah broadened their product offerings to serve all food, beverage, and multi-purpose flavor markets with an emphasis on emerging markets around the globe where harm reduction policies are still embraced.

Flavorah is more than super concentrated flavoring made for DIY; it is featured in leading consumer brands in over 60 countries. FLV is the prefered flavoring brand wherever vapor safe food flavorings are used. Unlike other concentrated flavors that were only formulated for candy, baking, and beverage, Flavorah's uniquely crafted flavor notes and high potency combined with PG and ethyl alcohool solvency make it the real choice for flavoring high quality products designed for harm reduction.

Companies that use Flavorah can bear the "Powered by Flavorah" logo mark as a sign of their commitment to quality and harm reduction.

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