Release Notes

August 2023

  • ATF 2.1 Launched!
  • Batch creation fixes
  • ATF now supports Server Side Rendering for integrations/discord use!
  • Recipes are sorted by Published date, instead of Created date

May 2023

  • ATF 2.0 Launched!

February 2023

  • Fix /recipes.json
  • Allow users to backup sent/received messages as JSON
  • Add server status page
  • Sort flavors in &quote; compare flavors&quote; lists by name

December 2022

  • You can search batches by recipe name and filter by whether or not they are your recipes
  • Search buttons are easier to see
  • You can now filter by minimum rating on the recipe search page

November 2022

  • Fix saving of batch setup names with special characters
  • Add sort/filter options to the Favorite Recipes page

October 2022

  • You can now save/load recipe calculator presets
  • Fixed show/hide of various calculator elements when toggling checkboxes
  • You may now delete your own reviews
  • Made the Add Ingredient button a bit more noticeable

September 2022

  • Add &quote; Used with&quote; flavors to flavor view page
  • Fix intermittent &quote; CSRF detected&quote; error on login
  • Add some validations to calculator form
  • Redirect back to Inbox page after replying to a message

June 2022

  • Add reference to Content Policy to review panel
  • Clarify and expand review section of Content Policy
  • Hide empty mix information (VG % and temperature)

May 2022

  • Add sorting flavors by date added
  • Fix recipe folders not persisting correctly

April 2022

  • Add min/max steep days to recipe filter criteria

March 2022

  • Add Discord link to footer
  • Add recommended use percentages to flavors
  • Fix search by flavor page on mobile

February 2022

  • Sort flavor lists page alphabetically
  • Fix/add various missing page titles
  • Round &quote; level on hand&quote; to two decimal places
  • Fix recipe links on My Batches page
  • Sort flavors in flavor lists alphabetically
  • Sort recipes in recipe folders alphabetically
  • Enable adding recipe to a folder from the recipe page
  • Move recipe report button to the icon button links
  • Prevent ability to reset &quote; first public&quote; date on recipes

January 2022

  • Add new &quote; freshness&quote; metric to recipe info page
  • Remove incorrect copy from page shown to new users
  • Fix ability to update user profile fields
  • Fix Firefox bold font rendering
  • Add flavor stash to API
  • Improve results display on Search by Flavors page
  • Add &quote; sort by size descending&quote; to mix calculator page

December 2021

  • Add support for re-submitting removed reviews
  • Round suggested percentages to two decimal places
  • Fix pagination on the &quote; Search by Flavor&quote; page
  • Add a &quote; search recipes by flavors&quote; page
  • Changed some calculator defaults (100mg/mL PG nicotine, 10mL batch size)

November 2021

  • When adding a flavor to a recipe, the average percentage will be entered by default
  • Notify users via email when their reviews are removed by a moderator
  • Remove &quote; marketing contact&quote; checkboxes from profile settings
  • Fix &quote; created after&quote; datepicker on flavor view page
  • Fix flavor details &quote; in stash&quote; checkbox syncing
  • Add ability to delete private messages

October 2021

  • Improve layout of recipe ingredients
  • Fix &quote; date added&quote; on user flavors pages

September 2021

  • Move recipe rating button, add half-stars and condense its layout
  • Show your reviews (highlighted) in the list of recipe reviews
  • Clean up layout of recipe reviews
  • Remove Facebook share link
  • Change default sort order on flavors page to stashed, then by name
  • Adjust layout of buttons on recipe lists
  • Fix footer text color in dark mode
  • Fix &quote; unsearchable&quote; recipes not being shown to their owner
  • Fix batch mixing for privately shared recipes

August 2021

  • Add &quote; MTL&quote; checkbox on recipe edit page
  • Add &quote; MTL&quote; filter to recipe search filter dropdown
  • Remove Nic River from importer
  • Simplify and update Help documentation
  • Add &quote; My Reviews&quote; page
  • Add &quote; Content Policy&quote; page
  • Fix ctrl-click to open flavor links in a new tab
  • Fix issue where some flavor links would not work on first click
  • Fix &quote; primary&quote; buttons not appearing blue in dark mode
  • Fix &quote; flavor details&quote; form input widths and labels

July 2021

  • Fix ATF flavor imports
  • Fix sample CSV/SCSV file links on Import Data page
  • Rename &quote; Only Original&quote; to &quote; Original Recipes&quote; and fix filter behavior
  • Fix public recipe validation
  • Fix recipe copy
  • Fix BCF flavor importer
  • Fix error viewing some user pages
  • Add user's reviews to their user page
  • Add CAPTCHA to contact form
  • Fix recipes defaulting to black pattern color
  • Automatically darken too-bright pattern colors
  • Improve layout and functionality of recipe edit form
  • Decrease size of bundled JavaScript
  • Update Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
  • Temporarily remove Facebook sign-in option
  • Restored Facebook sign-in option

June 2021

  • Add &quote; My Flavors (Name)&quote; sort option to flavors page
  • Fix CSV data export/backup links
  • Prevent user from selecting extremely bright custom colors for recipe background pattern
  • Fix view/mix counts for all recipes - note that all view/mix counts are lower than they were before, this is expected
  • Add custom colors for the recipe background pattern

May 2021

  • Add recipe date to recipe search entries
  • Add &quote; simplest&quote; to sort methods for recipes
  • Change step value to 0.1 mg/mL for nicotine text field

April 2021

  • Add &quote; User Page&quote; link to header menu
  • Add &quote; steep days&quote; to copied recipe fields

March 2021

  • Stop stashing flavors when mixing with them
  • Add date filter to recipe search
  • Lighten dark mode input fields
  • Add live searching to recipes
  • Fix &quote; Favorite Recipes&quote; link in menu
  • Tweak recipe form fields
  • Hide Batch Notes header when printing page
  • Fix blank image for new recipes

February 2021

  • Rework navbar
  • Add review moderation features
  • Update logo and dark mode colors
  • Sort autocomplete flavors by stash first
  • Stop title-casing recipe names on recipe results page
  • Add &quote; use pre-mixed base&quote; option to mix calculator
  • Improve filter/sort dropdowns
  • Remove ads for logged in users
  • Improve layout on tablet devices
  • Improve layout of mix calculator
  • Remove &quote; show drops&quote; in mix calculator
  • Improve layout of batches
  • Add recipe folders

January 2021

  • Fix width and step attribute for inputs on mixing form
  • Add Low Stock Threshold to My Settings
  • Add user-selectable sort option to live search flavors page
  • Change sort order on My Flavors / User Flavors pages to vendor name, then flavor name
  • Increase limit for flavors from 30 to 50 per page
  • Only suggest recipes made public in the last year
  • Fix recipe details toggle button handler
  • More dark mode fixes
  • Various dark mode fixes
  • Add Most Mixed (Yearly) to front page
  • Fix follow/unfollow star icon click handler
  • Fix brand icon position in mobile navbar
  • Move recipe link buttons to header
  • Remove discussions tab from recipe pages
  • Add dark mode
  • Fix private flavor note creation
  • Clean up navbar
  • Improve vendor page layout
  • Remove all &quote; pro&quote; restrictions! All The Flavors is now free for all!
  • Remove flaticon icon pack
  • New front page categories
  • Rewrite calculator to use localStorage instead of cookies for mix preferences
  • Update some references to companies that have rebranded (e.g. BCF)
  • Show follower count in user details card
  • Update copyright/contact info
  • Remove Facebook tracking
  • Fix &quote; Buy Direct&quote; links on flavor pages
  • Show recipe created date on recipe page