This is a remix not a clone of FRYD e juice which is a deep fried Twinkie. A Deep Fried Twinkie is exactly what this is and I mean spot on. This is a strange recipe I suggest a 2 to 3 day steep but you only have about 2 weeks before it starts to fade. So I wouldn't make huge batches because a long steep doesn't help this recipe. Either way I think you will really enjoy this recipe!!!!!

Created: December 09, 2017 (over 3 years ago)

% Vendor Flavor
(WF) Buttercream Frosting SC
(RF) Deep Fried Spongecake – Super Concentrate
(CAP) Funnel Cake
(RF) Sugar Cookie
(FLV) Sweetness
(WF) Vanilla Cream Extra SC
(CAP) Whipped Marshmallow
Total flavoring: 12.5% Steep Days: 3 Best VG: 75% Temperature: 420
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User: BigRed Score: 4 Entered: over 1 year ago
taste like a commercial juice that’s for sure . i like it but i think the cake texture could be slightly improved . these are my thoughts as a shake and vape . let’s see how it steeps for a few days , even after a few mins the flavor gets better .
User: Skywxp3d Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
It’s delicious! - way underrated recipe, tastes like “hostess” if that’s a flavor 😎 SO GOOD!! *UPDATE - made a second batch, I never do that! And it’s better than I remembered, get theses flavors folks and mix this it’s hitting on all cylinders... this is the only recipe where I really truly taste a creamy flavor, amazements!