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Created By: STR8V8PING
Added On: 05/15/24
Published On: 05/15/24
Updated On: 05/15/24
golden shower












A match made in heaven. Golden shower base mixed with powdered donuts. Its mind blowing. Shows off the power and versatility of GOLDEN SHOWER.

Probably the best RY4 iv ever tried. Its just flooded with different notes that come out at different times. Everything from buttery rich caramel, vanilla , brown sugar , maple , chocolate, bakery notes , spices etc. Everything fits so well.This has been one of my main ADVs for about 4 months now

To top it off not only is it a delicious ADV but it makes a incredible base. It can improve so many profiles. Cookies, ice cream, cinnamon, custards, cheesecakes, waffles etc

One thing I find is it doesnt need any vanillas. It creates its own buttery vanilla note even without a vanilla in the recipe.

If you like Ry4 recipes this is one you shouldn't pass up.

This is vapable off the shake but as it steeps it will continue to get better and better. I suggest making 2 bottles. One to vape and one to steep 4 to 6 weeks. .

After 2 weeks is when some crazy magic happens. If you noticed there is NO vanilla in this recipe yet it magically turns into almost a buttery rich sweet creamy ice cream. Let me know what you get after a steep? It really transforms.

Derived from Golden Shower by STR8V8PING

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSuper Sweet 0.6
FLVMilk & Honey 2.75
FJUltimate Brown Sugar 0.5
JFRY4 Double 4
SABeignet 2
VTHoneycomb 1.25
WFPowdered Donut SC 0.75
Conditioning Time: 10 Days Total Flavor:11.85%