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Created By: Bob_ohms2low
Added On: 05/08/24
Published On: 05/08/24
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Pink Lemonade has quickly become one of my favorite flavors. Although it does need some help. Started with the delicious pink lemonade base, & built off of it. Adding some grapefruit, & yuzu for those funky citrus notes, while also adding juiciness to the lemonade. Then balanced that out with some raspberry, to lessen the funk, just a touch, while bringing it back towards the red/pink side. Finished it off with a nice touch of lime, on the back end. Just rounding it out, with a nice bit of zest, & also making it more unique, than your average funky pink lemonade. This screams summertime, which is something I'm craving after this long, cold, winter.

This got 3rd place in the elr recipe contest. Sweeten & Coolant to taste.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FLVGrapefruit Blend 1
FLVLime 0.15
FLVPink Lemonade 2
FLVRaspberry 1
FLVYuzu 0.5
Conditioning Time: 0 Days Total Flavor:4.65%