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Created By: OldAgeVaper
Added On: 02/07/18
Published On: 02/07/18
Updated On: 11/23/21

PEACH TOBACCO with a good throat kick.

I do like a good fresh peach taste that makes the mouth water and i also like the taste of tobacco. So i went on my way for a mix of the two,but which tobaccos was the big question. I find the black mile plus a little weak on its own but i thought itll be good as a base for a better tobacco mix so in steps flv red burley with a little help from kentucky blend. The peach mix ive seen around on a few recipes and have enjoyed them +- %s.

I tried 60-40 which for me gives a good throat hit but on my next batch ill be trying 70-30 to see how it turns out.

Ive put 14 days for steep time as i think i first tried it after around 16 days wanting the peach to settle and the tobaccos to blend nicely .

So to round it off its a mouth watering peach with a nice blend of tobacco backing it up. Hope you like it and leave any pros or cons for me down below.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FLVKentucky Blend 0.25
FLVRed Burley 0.75
FEBlack Mile Plus 1.25
FAArmenia (apricot) 0.5
FAPeach 0.5
FAPeach White 1.5
Conditioning Time: 14 Days Total Flavor:4.75%