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Created By: jbird
Added On: 09/05/17
Published On: 09/05/17
Updated On: 11/23/21

I was just messing around with Blackberry Blossom and new I wanted to make a lemonade with it. I originally had the blossom at 1% but it had a hard time holding up to the Alpine and Lemonade. So I kept increasing it until I felt it was very present but not taking over. I wanted to just keep this simple but I'll probably be adding a bunch of variations, in the future.

FLV Blackberry Blossom - I was scared when I seen this flavor was coming my way. But this has completely taken me by surprise. Very well balanced between the berry and floral. This flavor is a very dark and musky flavor with a touch of sweetness. This will pair well with other berries and stone fruits. Definitely adding some brighter flavors, such as citrus (lemon), will make this flavor POP.

FLV Lemonade - This is very much like Country Time or a premixed lemonade. You get a good amount of sweetness with a very little bit of a tartness. Despite it leaning towards a powdered mix, doesn't come off dry at all.

Alpine Strawberry - Ever since this flavor came out I've wanted to find something that would pair well with it. Well, FLV delivered with the Blackberry Blossom. Alpine is very authentic with just a touch of a floral note. I don't recommend trying to bury this in a mix. It's very strong and even at this tiny amount, will sit at the top of your recipe. It's hard for me to recommend this flavor, giving it's price. But, if you already have it, try pairing it with florals and other fruits. Also, if you have trouble tasting strawberries, this is a good one to have. No chance you're not tasting it.

WS-23 - I've had Koolada but can't stand the off notes. FA Polar Blast was alright but found myself not getting the desired coolness from it. Plus it irritated my throat a bit. A big shout goes to @Fear for bringing this flavor to my attention and telling me where to get it. I can't rave enough about this. Best cooling agent on the market, IMO.

edit - Name changed from Black Lemonade

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Flavoring Ingredients

FLVAlpine Strawberry 0.2
FLVBlackberry Blossom 2.5
FLVLemonade 2
OTHRWS-23 0.75
Conditioning Time: 3 Days Total Flavor:5.45%