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Created By: oddDrop
Added On: 08/13/17
Published On: 08/13/17
Updated On: 05/08/23


"And when the world is caving. Baby, you're my safe haven, you're my safe haven." HAVEN: STARRING: COOKIE DOUGH, CUSTARD, & CREME BRULEE (Wayne took one look at this and said to remove half of the recipe, 3 people disagree and think its great the way it is) Directed by: oddDrop Notes: So in this version I wanted to make my own custard that didn't use the common concentrates we use to make them. FLV COOKIE DOUGH/FA COOKIE: They absolutely knocked this flavor out of the park. You even get little bits of chocolate chips. What more is there to say. It just works. While its good it lacks texture so I added FA cookie to help boost the grain perception.

INW SHISHA VANILLA/TPA BAVARIAN CREAM/FA MERINGUE. I wanted a custard leaning more towards the white and ice cream side rather than heavy on the egg yolks, I used meringue for egg whites and the rest for sugar and creams.

INW CREME BRULEE/FA CREAM FRESH/FLV CREAM: Again this combo just goes to show good juice and flavorings don't have to always be a challenge, they just have to be the right ones. Inw creme brulee is what it says. While the creams are there to help balance and add emulsion to the cream.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSuper Sweet 0.75
FLVCookie Dough 2
FLVCream 1
FACookie 0.5
FACream Fresh 1
FAMeringue 2
INWCreme Brulee (yc) 0.25
INWShisha Vanilla 1
TPABavarian Cream 2
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:10.5%