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Created By: Chrisdvr1
Added On: 08/09/17
Published On: 08/09/17
Updated On: 11/23/21


TFA apricot + FW Orange dream Bar

Flavor West dream bar on its own has a great orange flavor. This concentrate separates just a little bit, which leads me to believe, they're using their blood orange in this concentrate. One of the best orange flavoring on the market, but It does have its problems it's extremely zesty, and not very juicy.

I was discussing this problem with shindo on Discord, and I suggested he added apricot, to make more of an orange juice flavor. It just so happened at that time I was working on this recipe and thought what the hell let's give it a shot. Didn't really work as a S & V, tasted like a dreamsicle that had been rolled in Tang.

So I set it aside gave it some time and came back to it after 3 weeks. What a difference time can make the apricot settled down and Blended in with the orange perfectly giving it a juicer flavor. Which is perfect for this profile.

FW Orange dream bar+ LA cream cheese icing + CAP vanilla bean ice cream + FLV marshmallow

Flavor West Orange dream bar, has a fantastic vanilla ice cream base to it. Just lacking a little in texture. To fluff this up FLV marshmallow works wonders. This was one of the tweaks I added to the recipe after a steep and a little research big shout-out to fear and bloody Mingo sherbert.

One of the great things about this hobby is you don't have to know everything, and there are a ton talented mixers, whose experience and flavor notes can be a fantastic resource for recipe development.

I decided to add CAP vanilla bean ice cream to the mix, it has a much stronger vanilla flavor, and a completely different ice cream flavor, if I had to describe it in three words I would say battery and smooth.

LA cream cheese icing sweetums up the profile and adds a smooth, and slightly malty cream cheese accent.

Cap super sweet

Okay I'll admit it I was one of those people that avoided sweeteners like the plague. Once I got over my aversion to sweetener, and realized when used in small percentages, they can really help brighten a recipe. And that's exactly what it does here brightens up the orange and vanilla making for a very enjoyable vape.


I'm going to assume most of you don't have flavor West Orange dream bar in Your Arsenal. If that's the case cap orange creamsicle should do the trick. I have both and they are very similar flavorings.

On the chance you don't have either I am 98% sure orange dream bar, is simply blood orange, and vanilla bean ice cream put together into one flavor. I almost rework the recipe knowing that I could recreate this concentrate out of flavorings everybody should have.

I would use flavor West vanilla bean ice cream, around 4% and flavor West blood orange, between .5% and 1%. These are completely substitutions, and would love to hear feedback from anybody who tries them.

Cap vanilla bean ice cream could be subbed out for HS French vanilla ice cream.

FLV marshmallow should be subbed out for fa marshmallow I would bring it up a quarter of a percent.


Steep time is a must for this one as an S&V it's not unvapable, but everything is very separate, and needs time to come together.

Now if you're impatient like me and three weeks is just too long, one drop MTS Vape wizard / 10 mL should speed up the process.

Again completely untested, but in my experience this additive can work wonders at blending flavors together.


This is one of those recipes that has evolved from an attempt at one thing into something else. First it was to be a dream bar recipe using flavor West dream bar as the base. After a good step realized with a few tweeks would make an excellent sherbert recipe. hope you enjoy if you mix it up thank you and please leave some feedback.

Derived from Easy creamsicle by Chrisdvr1

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSuper Sweet 0.5
CAPVanilla Bean Ice Cream 2
FLVMarshmallow 0.5
FWOrange Dream Bar 4
LACream Cheese Icing 1.5
TPAApricot 0.75
Conditioning Time: 21 Days Total Flavor:9.25%