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Created By: SmegmaToothpaste
Added On: 08/07/17
Published On: 08/07/17
Updated On: 11/23/21


A smooth cantaloupe and cream recipe with a hint of cucumber. Very light cream just enough to enhance the cantaloupe but not cover up the cucumber.

Notes: CAP/TFA Cantaloupe: A pleasant cantaloupe combination. Adds the bright sweetness and "summer" flavor.

CAP/FA Cucumber: Not enough to be a star, but enough to pair with the cantaloupes. FA Cucumber is in there just to get the peel and "green" flavors. FLV Cream: A nice, simple, moderately dense cream to accent the cantaloupe's creamy texture. FA Caramel: Just a tiny bit will do good. Adds "dark" sweetness to the mix. Not enough to actually taste full caramel. Add menthol/koolada to taste. I find 1 drop/30mL of FA Menthol Arctic is nice.

It is nice as a shake and vape, but a 7 day steep is where it begins to shine.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPCantaloupe 2.5
CAPCucumber 1.5
FLVCream 0.75
FACarmel (caramel) 0.5
FACucumber 0.25
TPACantaloupe 1.5
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:7%