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Created By: rocky02852
Added On: 03/30/23
Published On: 03/30/23
Updated On: 03/30/23

Unlike the Red Hot Chili Peppers (the band), this red hot chilli peppers (the e-liquid) has not won seven Grammys, and it has not even been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But why would you have expected it to? It's gummies! Plus, this candy vape truly packs a punch with which the real Red Hot Chili Peppers wouldn’t even begin to compete. Unlike your common chewy candy vape, it's all-out spicy! Vape this gummy to experience a peppery rush reminiscent of an actual jalapeño, backed by a delicious fruity flavor. There’s no denying the extraordinary experience that awaits your palate with every pull on this liquid. You’ll never look at a red hot chilli pepper (or listen to a Red Hot Chili Peppers album) the same way again!

“Rocky Toony Original”

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPJuicy Watermelon 0.85
FLVJammy Berry 0.5
VSORed Chili 2.5
WFCotton Candy Jelly Bean 1.5
WFWild Berry Gummy Candy 2.5
Conditioning Time: 1 Days Total Flavor:7.85%