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Created By: chainvapor
Added On: 03/19/23
Published On: 03/19/23
Updated On: 07/27/23

Just a straight up delicious Vanilla Pudding.

The Vanilla Pudding (FLV) and Vanilla Custard 2 (TPA) are the base for the pudding. ( I do not believe Vanilla Custard 2 (TPA) to be anything but a good vanilla pudding in and of itself. )

Then I added the Vanilla Cupcake (TPA) simply for the great vanilla flavor it adds to the profile.

Then to boost all the vanilla nuances I shot in the Vanilla Bourbon (FA), French Vanilla (THICK) (WF), and the Shisha Vanilla.

Super Sweet to finish it off.

This to me is just an amazing combination giving me exactly what I was looking for, just a great vanilla pudding. Nothing more, nothing less.

Happy Mixing and Happy Vaping!! CV :)

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