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Created By: sorteal
Added On: 03/14/23
Published On: 03/14/23
Updated On: 01/24/24

I really dig OoO Strawberry Shortcake and I think everyone knows I love custards, so why not combined them!

I went with a combo of FJ Ultimate Vanilla Custard and INW Custard for my custard base. I added some WF French Vanilla Thick and WF Vanilla Cream Extra to give it some added thick creaminess.

For the Strawberry Shortcake I obviously went with OoO SSC but I added some SSA/MB Classic Sponge Cake to help boost the shortcake note.

I used more FLV Sweetness than I usually would but it really adds that final touch to this recipe. Of course you can use whatever sweetener you wish but I will highly recommend FLV Sweetness at 0.5 - 0.75% for this recipe.

*Edit Note - I swapped JF Yellow Cake for SSA/MB Classic Sponge Cake and I added SSA Whipped Cream to this. The result is exactly what I was hoping from the V2 of this recipe. The cake comes across better and more acurate to shortcake while the creamy and eggy custard really shines without killing the strawberry or cake notes. I'll be removing the V2 of this recipe since this revision better accomplishes what I wanted from it.*

That's it! I'm loving this recipe. It's pretty damn good off the shake but it really comes alive after about a 4 to 5 day steep. I hope you enjoy!

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