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Created By: DavidN2KL
Added On: 02/12/23
Published On: 02/12/23
Updated On: 05/08/23

...BOOM BOOM BAP...BOOM BOOM BAP...BOOM BOOM BAP Gonna be a big man someday You got mud on your face, you big disgrace Kicking your can all over the place

Love that WF Frozen Yogurt as much as their Blueberry Jam!!, Here's my take on the #DevelopedWF Assignment..Enjoy...

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Flavoring Ingredients

WFBlueberry Jam SC 2.2
WFButtercream Frosting SC 1.1
WFCinnamon Pastry 1.75
WFFrozen Yogurt SC 1.2
WFGlazed Donut SC 1
WFSweetener SC 0.75
Conditioning Time: 3 Days Total Flavor:8%