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Created By: Primopup
Added On: 02/04/23
Published On: 02/04/23
Updated On: 02/04/23

Ok, just as it's name, Sea Breeze, I think it is a perfect vape for a nice summers evening! This is a very satisfying, very smooth vape, with a nice Blue Raspberry on the inhale, and a juicy Strawberry taste on the exhale, an extremely nice vape. If you prefer to make it cooler, just add some WS23 to it, I have made it both ways, using the WS23 version in the daytime, and then going back to the original at night. The flavors combination works together in a perfect harmony! You are missing out on an amazing all day vape if you pass on this one. No need to make a 10ML test vile here, Go right to a 60ML. It's is just fine off of the shake, but if you can hold off, it just gets better and better every single day, but good luck on trying to hold off after you vape it.. Enjoy this one, I know you will. ( I will never post a recipe that is not vape worthy) Mixed: 70/30 VG-PG Tested: Cabeo RDTA Side Notes: When using the WS23 version start off @ .03% to much can mute the Strawberry Flavor.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CNVStrawberry 1
FLVBoysenberry 1.5
INWRaspberry 1
INWShisha Strawberry 2
OTHRsweetener (sucralose) 0.5
WFSour Blue Raspberry Candy 3
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:9%