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Created By: rocky02852
Added On: 02/01/23
Published On: 02/01/23
Updated On: 02/05/23

Sakura milk latte flavor, which is mellow milk mixed with fragrant cherry blossom.

“Rocky Toony Original”

Blind remix of Wotofo nexPOD Sakura Milk …but mixed for DTL SubOhm tank tested at 5 day steep, this is really good and I love it ! The Cherry Blossom FLV is a new flavor to me and I went into this mix without first testing the flavor so I started out very low but ended up at 3% and I’m not getting a strong floral taste here, so fear not… This is not a 1:1 clone attempt, It is illegal for me to purchase flavored e-liquid in my local so if you have tried the commercial Sukura Milk vape I would love to hear what you think of this one. Thanks 🤙

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Flavoring Ingredients

FLVCherry Blossom 3
FLVCream 1.2
FLVMilk 0.4
FLVSweetness 0.6
Conditioning Time: 5 Days Total Flavor:5.2%