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Created By: Primopup
Added On: 01/30/23
Published On: 01/30/23
Updated On: 05/08/23

Ok so after making the Purple Martini, that I still cannot make fast enough for people I had members of my vape club asking me if I could do the same as Purple Martini, but make a BlueRaspberry Martini? So off to the Martini Bar I headed, working with Raquel trying to make a BlueRaspberry Martini , we successfully did it, although cost me a good headache the next day, LoL, but well worth it. On a side note, our BlueRazz Martini has been the number one selling Martini for over 30 days now. So now I had to find the perfect combination of flavors to make a good Blue Raspberry. Now I know using Flavorah Bluerazz , and Wonder Flavors Sour BlueRazz makes a pretty good BlueRazz when mixed together using two parts to one WF. However it still seemed to be missing something, needed a bit more deep BlueRazz in it. Now I tried it using DIY BlueRazz, VSO Bluerazz, LB BlueRazz, SSA BlueRazz, OOO BlueRazz HC, and Square type, even tried Razzleberry and a few Boysenberrys, still a no, they where all good, but still wasn't getting that Blue Raspberry flavor like at the Martini bar. Flustered , but still refused to give up, then I ordered some Delosi BlueRazz, and off of the shake I was like damn I think that's it, Also I'm working on making my own BlueRazz , so I left it sitting there until I could try it with my own BlueRazz and try it with that as well Anyways I ended up being extremely busy at work and was unable to mix anything for a good week. The weekend arrived, finally a day off and said ok, let's try to finish this Blue Martini. So I was mixing up another batch, this time trying it with my own BlueRazz. While I waiting for the nicotine to warmup I still had a 10ML bottle with the Delosi mixed, I cleaned out my RTA added some fresh new cotton, and added some EJuice, mixed with the Delosi and was blown away, I was saying wow, a 7 day steep really pulled it all together!!! So here it is, if you enjoy BlueRazz I think you will truly enjoy this. I would not post it here until I had confirmation from the people in the vape club, and they all love reit-!!! The orders are coming fast and furious. ( Side note: The batch I made using my homemade BlueRazz is extremely good as well) Enjoy, this has been my ADV now for a week ! Vaped on Cabeo RDTA & Taifun GTIII Ratios 70/30 VG-PG NOTE: DELOSI BLUERAZZ WAS USED. All the flavors did not have it available.

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