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Created By: EyeMSam
Added On: 01/17/23
Published On: 01/17/23
Updated On: 01/17/23

Made this yesterday in honor of MLK Day, sorta. Also cuz it was easy to name this and connect it to MLK Day lol. Milk Plus is a caramel infused milk commercial liquid.

I'm not attempting to clone it or even really try a remix of it, just hit the same type of profile.

This is a caramaly, brown sugary, creamy, full bodied sweet milk vape.

I used the new flv dulce de leche cuz it has some great dairy condensed milk notes to it, but the caramel is quite soft so i pushed that with the jf dulce which is very rich. And then a touch of fj ultimate bs for straight up brown sugar notes.

For the milk i wanted to try 2% flv cream for most of the body, and then boose it into more of a milk territory with fa milk's notes.

Steep this up to 7 days for best results.

You can add sweetener if you'd like but inherant i don't think it needs the extra push necessarily. Makes it too sweet of a milk.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FLVCream 2
FLVDulce De Leche 3
FJUltimate Brown Sugar 2
FAMilk 1
JFDulce De Leche 1.5
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:9.5%