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Created By: Kittybit
Added On: 01/09/23
Published On: 01/09/23
Updated On: 05/08/23

For the longest time, I have been wanting to make a good licorice + raspberry candy combo. Outside of vaping, it’s one of those types of candy that I really enjoy. Why it has taken me this long to get my butt in to gear and make it a recipe, I have no idea. But here it is!

In all fairness, this is not a black licorice recipe that will melt your face off. It’s sweet, round and soft, which relies way more on raspberry being up front, than licorice. Although it is very well blended together which create a pretty unique flavor on its own.

Here’s the run down:

The licorice i sourced from FLV Licorice and FLV Salmiakki. I find that those two work exceptionally well together. The over all licorice is mostly from FLV Licorice, where FLV Salmiakki adds most of the body and fills out some holes. In current combination in this recipe, they are close to a perfect candy licorice, without being either too harsh or too sweet. They add some very nice dark notes, right at the end of the exhale.

The Raspberry part is made up by two things. The first and most obvious part is SSA Raspberry Syrup. This is a fantastic raspberry, especially for candies and it pulls most of weight here. It’s deliciously sweet and a little sticky, that really fits a candy profile. But, I needed it to be more sticky, so this is where FLV Pomegranate comes. It adds most of the stickiness and I really adore how well it actually compliments SSA Raspberry Syrup in taste as well. At just 1%, it adds more body, more stickiness without really changing the raspberry profile that much.

CAP Jelly Candy is all about the texture here. It has some vague notes of vanilla, which doesn’t present it self in the mix at all, but it adds a ton of nice jelly gummy texture to the mix. I had other gummies in thought here, but I felt CAP brought what I was looking for without changing the flavor profile at all.

As always, sweetener can be skipped if you’re a hater. It’s candy so I found it to be fitting. It’s not really crucial if you leave it out or not.

I find it to be great after just 2 days steep.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPJelly Candy 2
FLVLicorice 1.5
FLVPomegranate 1
FLVSalmiakki 1
FWSweetener 0.5
SSARaspberry Syrup 2
Conditioning Time: 2 Days Total Flavor:8%