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Created By: Suck_Her_Toes
Added On: 08/03/22
Published On: 08/03/22
Updated On: 05/08/23

Basically just a bunch of flavours that compliment each other very well and make for a light, sweet (but not too sweet) rich and delicious creamy all day shake and vape that steeps even better over time! It's also got a hint of cinnamon (Rich Cinnamon and Cinnamon Danish Swirl) and nuts (Acetyl Pyrazine) to add to the deserty goodness! I enjoy and I hope you all to try this and like it as well!

Not to mention at only 6.05% total flavouring you're getting massive bang for your buck with this DIY recipe as it smacks!

Can be used as shake and vape or let steep for 2 - 3 weeks with no ill effects.

I cannot guarantee other flavourings other than the exact ones used in this recipe will garner the exact outcome but you can certainly try it if you want although I don't really recommend ever deviating from the original recipe unless you want a completely different flavour altogether.

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