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Created By: Mindfloodz
Added On: 07/28/22
Published On: 07/28/22
Updated On: 07/28/22

I was going for a profile pretty much exactly as the picture I used for this recipe. This is a very moist, cream cheesy, blueberry cake with a touch of frosting.

I used medicine flower blueberry as I find it to be one of the most authentic blueberry flavorings on the market. Medicine Flower blueberry works perfect in this profile and is balanced exceptionally amongst the other flavorings used in this recipe. My cake layer consists of WF Philadelphia Butter Cake, PUR Simply Cake, and FA Pandoro. This combo makes for a kick ass cake layer. I used Solubarome Condensed milk to moisten up the cake, add sweet creaminess, and use it to compliment the cream cheese filling. The Vanilla custard cheesecake is also supporting that role in a similar way. WF Buttercream Frosting was used as a drizzle over the cake and the only thing that is straying from authenticity from the photo I used for this recipe. Decent off the shake, but give this a 2 week steep and "Patty Cake" could easily become your new all day vape (ADV).

Sweeten to your preferred amount, I like my Cap SS @ 0.75-1% in most recipes, but I know a lot of people are very sensitive to sweeteners.

I tested this on a Mongrel with a 4mm quad core fused clapton 30/40g 316L SS @ 0.44 ohms

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