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Created By: sorteal
Added On: 07/25/22
Published On: 07/25/22
Updated On: 08/02/22

I've been meaning to try a blue raz and cherry slushy recipe for a while but it took me having a blue raspberry/cherry/lemonade snow cone at the local fair to really motive me.

There really isn't anything better for making a slushy liquid than OSD Blue Raspberry Slush. It works great as long as you want blue raspberry to be part of your slushy. For this I actually needed more blue raspberry and WF Sour Blue Raspberry is easily my favorite.

For the Lemonade portion I knew I wanted to use FLV Lemonade because it comes across less like fresh squeezed lemonade and more like a sweet powdered lemonade drink. To kick up the lemon taste I actually went with CAP Lemon Lime because it just works so well in any drink/slushy recipe.

For the cherry I originally wanted to use SSA Juicy Cherry but after smelling Compote Cherry I knew it would work better for this. It doesn't have any medicine taste and with the tartness of everything else it really comes across like a cherry slushy flavor should.

To kick up the sour aspect I almost went with my usual LB Sour but then I remembered LA Tart & Sour. It has a bit of sweetness to it that most other sour/tart additives don't so I decided to give it a try and it worked outstandingly. Of course if sour additives aren't your thing feel free to leave this out. It's still pretty tart even without the boost.

CAP Super Sweet added just a touch of extra sweetness.

Just a great mixed flavor slushy! I'm really enjoying this one and I hope you do to.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPLemon Lime 0.75
CAPSuper Sweet 0.25
FLVLemonade 2.5
LATart and Sour 1
OSDBlue Raspberry Slush 6
SSACompote Cherry 1.5
WFSour Blue Raspberry Candy 3
Conditioning Time: 1 Days Total Flavor:15%