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Created By: DIYDownunderPippa
Added On: 07/24/22
Published On: 07/24/22
Updated On: 05/08/23

"Step by step Heart to heart Left, right, left We all fall down Like toy soldiers"

Will we fall down, or will we make a stand? Will we make them squirm & say?:

"It wasn't my intention to mislead you It never should have been this way What can I say?"

It's too late then, they have misled millions into believing vaping doesn't save smokers lives!"

"Bit by bit Torn apart We never win But the battle wages on For toy soldiers"

It's up to you, you & you for us to no longer be toy soldiers! We need to stand up and be the REAL SOLDIERS for the truth about nicotine vaping! Yes, the battle wages on as we endure those feelings like we've been torn apart & will never win, but we must unite & win this battle, not just for our selves but for the 1.1 Billion lives that are at risk of dying prematurely this century from smoking! We can no longer hope that another soldier has got this for us, we are the army, we are the ones who will win this fight for safer nicotine products being accessible for adults in all the flavours and varieties required to make smoking history! Tell your quit story everywhere today, now!

Ok, to the recipe. This is an eLiquid recipe for that delicious adult friendly "Bueno" style chocolate bar and just as I expected when I first began vaping, I didn't think I would have to fight for my right for it. You see, these days creating recipes like this usually come pretty easy, but while my first version off the shake seemed perfect, as it steeped things got a little muddled. I had to fight off those negatives and start again, with a positive attitude and now I am very glad I did!

Breaking this down:

The Bakery texture/mouthfeel: Cap Cereal 27, WF Crispy Wafer & WF Sugar Cone are a balancing act that sell the very unique and nuanced crisp wafer like tones here. The Cap Sugar Cookie helps as base for that blonde cookie and assists to fill out the overall body of this profile a bit.

The Hazelnut Custard Cream: The toughest part of this profile was getting this as accurate as possible. The creamy yet custardy like hazelnut flavour was another balancing act between WF Hazelnuts & Cream, Inw Custard & WF French Vanilla Thick. But there was a distinctive soft nutty tone that was missing. Thanks to the ninja concentrate known as FA Almond, it came in and saved the day here!

The Chocolate: Molinberry Glamour Chocolate was a no brainer here, as it is the best milk chocolate flavour for a profile like this. To help the texture, FLV Vanilla Frosting and Purilum Super Sweet assisted, while Cap 27 also helps as well, with that bit of AP in it that brings the chocolate up a level.

At least that is the summary of how I arrived at what I did. It was a bit more complex than that.

Will Grimm Green enjoy this? As long as someone does and remains smoke free and does a little bit for advocacy, that's what matters most to me!

For the best experience:

  • steep for 5 days.
  • Vape at around 70 Wattos on an RDA
  • Listen to some of your favourite chill music while vaping it & smile!

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What ever you do today, be good to yourself & someone else! & Be a real soldier for vaping so that those 1.1 Billion who haven't found this opportunity to remain smoke free yet will!

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