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Created By: VapeBoar
Added On: 02/20/22
Published On: 02/20/22
Updated On: 03/22/22


As the name indicates, this is simply Apple pie. Nothing more, nothing less. It's a warm, sweet, fresh baked apple pie, with a biscuity crust.

The odd flavor out here, is the 555 Gold. For those unfamiliar with it, it's a pretty nutty tobacco flavor. But upon placing it with these flavors, it has done something to the filling that is kinda hard to describe. Aside from that, it also seemed to bring out more of the "crust"note from FA apple pie. This is truly a delicious flavor, and personally I find it way more enjoyable than my Countryside Pie.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSuper Sweet 0.607
CAPVanilla Bean Ice Cream 1.5
FLVApple Filling 1.3
FAApple Pie 3.5
INW555 Gold 1
INWBiscuit 0.5
Conditioning Time: 25 Days Total Flavor:8.407%