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Created By: ninedimensions
Added On: 02/19/22
Published On: 02/19/22
Updated On: 02/26/22

It may look like too much, but I assure you it isn't. Once you taste this magical recipe, you will be HOOKED. I made some for my dad and he's hooked too. It's refreshing and juicy, and believe it or not, BALANCED.

The profile could be described as juicy blend of Honeydew and orange with some Jack fruit to spice things up a bit in the background.

Flv Wild Melon, Flv Watermelon, TFA Honeydew combine to form the ultimate Honeydew base.

I used the famous 4% cap juicy orange and 2% cap sweet tangerine from Wayne's Hawaiian POG recipe to form the orange layer in the middle.

Flv Jackfruit seals the deal with it's exotic flavor and citrus undertones. It oddly enough, bolsters both the melon and orange in a way where it seems like it was simply meant to be... a match made in heaven.

Finally, I use MB Shape Up Pear to naturally sweeten the entire recipe as well as mellow out the harshness from the melon layer. TFA Dragonfruit simply blends the whole thing together.

Even though this possesses strong summer vibes, this recipe will surely be a pleasure to vape all year around and hopefully for years to come!!

BTW, I place all of these recipes under work in progress because I don't think any recipe is an open and shut case. If you try some modifications that make it taste even better, then inbox me or comment below because I'm always open to feedback and possible improvements.

This can be vaped off the shake, but it's even better after about 48 hours.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPJuicy Orange 4
CAPSweet Tangerine 2
FLVJackfruit 0.5
FLVWatermelon 0.75
FLVWild Melon 1.5
MBShape Up Pear 0.75
TPADragonfruit 0.75
TPAHoneydew 0.5
Conditioning Time: 2 Days Total Flavor:10.75%