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Created By: GabRiEL999
Added On: 02/14/22
Published On: 02/14/22
Updated On: 03/15/22

A flavorful blue raspberry slushy with notes of cotton candy that i have been vaping for the last couple of weeks and really enjoying. It reminds me of a drink I had in New Orleans hence the 'voodoo blue' . LB blue raspberry, FLV boysenberry, and FLV raspberry create an excellent blue raspberry; slightly jammy with a light tart quality. WF raspberry jelly bean is amazing, it adds some bright raspberry notes and a little cotton candy sweetness. LB sour adds the slushy citrusy zip without any off notes. It's good off the shake but 1-2 days and it really pops and if you give it a few weeks i start to get this really nice cotton candy note. I am vaping this out of a crown 5 which really helps with flavor and i dont feel it needs sweetener but you could add a little if you like sweeter vapes. You can add menthol and it would be great, I just don't like it personally. Enjoy!!

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Flavoring Ingredients

FLVBoysenberry 1.8
FLVRaspberry 0.6
LBBlue Raspberry 7
LBSour 0.8
WFRaspberry Jelly Bean SC 2
Conditioning Time: 1 Days Total Flavor:12.2%