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Created By: ID10-T
Added On: 02/13/22
Published On: 02/27/22
Updated On: 05/22/22

Sweet and nutty maple pecan dessert tobacco with just a lil chocolate swirl It's yum.

Vaped only about half of a 50ml bottle of my maple pecan chocolate recipe Tedious Judges before I decided something was missing, and it seemed like tobacco was that something. No surprise there. Tobacco or custard, or both, all to often seem to be what's missing to me.

Right HERE is a way-too-long video of me using ATF's new and improved "Search By Flavor" feature (found in the drop-down menu under "Recipes") to help decide which tobaccos to use. In case you don't have 20 minutes to watch me mispronounce things and otherwise periodically forget how to talk entirely, the two takeaways are, check out Search By Flavor as it is a useful tool, and credit is due to Kurplop for this specific combination of lovely tobaccos, as seen HERE. Credit where it's due, right? And doesn't that recipe look good.

Derived from Tedious Judges by ID10-T

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Flavoring Ingredients

FLVRed Burley 1
FLVSweet and Smokey Tobacco 0.5
FWMaple Pecan 4
FWPecan 0.75
FWSweetener 0.25
VTDevon Cream 2
VTMacadamia Nut 2
Conditioning Time: 1 Days Total Flavor:10.5%