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Created By: El_Vaperino
Added On: 02/13/22
Published On: 02/13/22
Updated On: 02/13/22

Chizzy was feeling down. Despite being the most handsome of all the top darts athletes, and throwing 180's like they were going out of fashion, he couldn't seem to shake a general malaise. He wanted nothing more than to feel upbeat and vital, but dragging himself to tournaments was about as much as he could manage.

Having cracked and booked an appointment, Chizzy sat in Dr Bob Grundle's waiting room idly flicking through a pamphlet on Huntingtons disease. A 'bing bong' sounded and his name was displayed on the screen calling him to report to room 2 down the corridor.

Potassium… that's my guess. Said Grundle as he put away his instrument and flicked the latex gloves he'd been wearing into a pedal bin. Chizzy pulled on his clothes and thanked the doctor for his thorough examination.

He didn't even wait for the letter to arrive but stopped off at Greg Stekbek's greengrocers shop on the way home and bought a whole basket of bananas; nailing three before he pulled into the drive of his home. He instantly felt empowered.

Two nights, and copious bendy yellow fruits later, the old Chisnall was back. He'd organised a party with the invites headed: Dave's Debauched Darts and Daiquiri Do. All the big names from the world of darts were there and he swilled banana daiquiris whilst he took win after win on the board. Mrs Chisnall, who had been suffering a serious drought with his frequent trips away and lack of interest couldn't believe her luck when he bounded up to the bedroom later that night. Her bullseye was in tatters by the time Russ Bray opened the loft hatch and awarded him a trademark 180 for his performance.

Down to business then… bananas first, WF puree is still just about holding first place for me in that department and is perfect for this type of mix. I threw in a little of the SSA ripe to help keep banana right in the front of the profile, it's a lovely flavour but needs help in the body and layering both saves pushing either too high. M&P's that coconut stuff is a pretty enjoyable standalone flavour, no it's not boozy enough and the coconut note isn't the strongest or indeed the best but it works and tastes pretty good, with a little hint of lime to boot. I used it here as a cocktail base to swing the mix firmly into daiquiri territory, helping the lime note to shine through with a few drops of FA aurora. Sweetener is up to you but I found this one works better with a small amount. Simple little mix and the banana really sings here for me but with enough going on behind to hold my attention.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FLVSweetness 0.4
FAAurora 0.8
MPVThat Coconut Stuff 5
SSARipe Banana 1
WFBanana Purée 3
Conditioning Time: 5 Days Total Flavor:10.2%