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Created By: °HaZe
Added On: 02/12/22
Published On: 03/02/22
Updated On: 09/15/23

My take on the popular Japanese gummy candies. This is the first recipe that I am TRULY quite proud of, and has become my go-to ADV, thus it is the first recipe of mine that I would like to share! I did not include any strawberry flavours as I have only had the mango and lychee varieties of these gummies, however after I get my hands on some strawberry ones I will attempt a version 2!

CAP's sweet mango and sweet lychee are the stars of the show here. Either one could theoretically be bumped up to between 4 to 4.5% depending on which you would like to shine through more, but I've found where they're at is a good balance to me. FLV's mango is to add a bit more depth and a darker candied-mango tone to contrast the sharp brighter tones of Cappella's mango, and to balance the strong floral qualities of the lychee. CAP Silverline's 27 Fish at this low percentage adds a delicious gummy mouthfeel and almost chewy candy tones, without distracting or taking from the overall flavour of mango and lychee. I find this recipe isn't complete without it.

Sweetness of course can be adjusted to taste (I typically sweeten my stuff to hell and back) Great as a shake and vape but better after about 3 days. Also try this one with a little bit of cooling agent for a slightly different experience!

Any feedback or comments greatly appreciated! Enjoy~

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAP27 Fish 1
CAPSuper Sweet 0.8
CAPSweet Lychee 3.5
CAPSweet Mango 3.7
FLVMango 0.5
Conditioning Time: 3 Days Total Flavor:9.5%