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Created By: nowar
Added On: 12/20/21
Published On: 12/20/21
Updated On: 05/08/23

Tested MTL

Mixed this up after SFT the SC/FE Cohiba. That flavor was really gripping in a good way. Most cigar flavors just taste like junk, like fake chemical cheap cigar. This one is more like a nice rich tobacco base with just enough sweet to balance the leafiness and the hints of something ashy. It has a bit of AP-ishness to me that begged for a bit of something nutty to boost (hence the Red Burley), something to play off the cigar dark bold (hence the Cured) and something to accent the subtle sweetness (hence the Shisha Vanilla). The Cohiba was great as a stand alone and this was designed to just use the best in class to elevate it to a higher level. I liked it so much, I crushed a sample and just looked at it in sadness when it was diminished to the final mLs.

I also think there's room here for anything to be swapped out or accented and developed; these are hardly the perfect flavors to turn this into something magical, more like a cheat sheet to making something stupid tasty, which I felt/feel it is. Play with it and have fun building around this solid flavor!

Steep time: A little unsure because I built this off of a tester that had steeped a bit before I added the rest. I think 7 days would be a minimum I would expect for it to start tasting good, maybe 14 to play it safe.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FLVCured Tobacco 0.75
FLVRed Burley 0.5
INWShisha Vanilla 0.5
SCCohiba 2
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:3.75%