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Created By: PapaStormy
Added On: 12/20/21
Published On: 01/05/22
Updated On: 05/08/23

Very simple recipe that is about as smooth as you can get. Designed to show off the magic of TPA's VBIC & MM as a combo. OOO's Marshmallow Vanilla is there to thicken the mix. FLV's Sweetness works wonders with sweetening creams. That's it for this 4 flavor banger. Comes together @ about 5-7 days but just continues to get better as it ages.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FLVSweetness 0.5
OOOMarshmallow (Vanilla) 2.5
TPAMalted Milk (conc) 2
TPAVanilla Bean Ice Cream 6
Conditioning Time: 5 Days Total Flavor:11%