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Created By: Foment_life
Added On: 12/18/21
Published On: 03/04/22
Updated On: 05/08/23

Mixer's Club Jan 2021

Tasked with making a mix that integrates flavors that have either been never before utilized or that are under used in our catalogs I went to an old well and a new one. This seemed like a perfect chance to give lychee a chance to shine. It's delicate and assertive, fruity and floral. Truly an odd fruit to begin with and it deserves more starring roles in mixes. To that end, I've never made a smoothie juice, so this seemed as good a time as any to give a tangy yogurty smoothie base a whirl to complement the lychee. I'm certain I could add other fruits to make for something that might be more widely liked or something that just has more going on but dammit I want lychee to be the star here and that's what I feel I've done.

Underutilized flavors:

  • FE Lychee
  • TFA Madagascar

Never before used:

  • FLV Smoothie


  • FW Yogurt
  • CAP sweet lychee

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSweet Lychee 2.5
FLVSmoothie Base 1.25
FELychee 1.25
FWYogurt 2.5
TPAMadagascar Bourbon Vanilla Flavor 1
Conditioning Time: 0 Days Total Flavor:8.5%