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Created By: palatinate4clouds
Added On: 12/10/21
Published On: 12/11/21
Updated On: 01/19/22

a jumble of one recipe that I didn't like completely, a difficult aroma, and one that takes forever to ripen. The result is a liquid that I can / must recommend. The recipe has been stolen, the aroma is hated and you have to wait forever before you can vape it. It doesn't correspond to any profile I know, but it's very saturated and tasty.

it's sticky, caramel-like, bears no resemblance to a donut, nor can you taste a coconut, nor Vanilla, nor Bourbon, nor almond, it's aint even toasted. The horned toffee gives the whole thing a slightly fruity aura. It is so unnecessary! So delicious! ... is there something wrong with the translation?

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