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Created By: capiadiy
Added On: 12/09/21
Published On: 12/09/21
Updated On: 05/08/23

If there was a Red Mango out there, this is how I think it would taste!

The idea

I love those challenges where we have limits to work with and we end up thinking out of the box, although this 100 flavor list is full of good flavorings which makes it even more difficult to choose a profile to work on. As a Brazilian of course I wanted to go with a fruit profile since we have really good fruits here which gives us really good references, but i didn’t want to do a regular 2 or 3 fruit mix which was possible with those flavorings, i wanted to go further and think outside the box and create something mind blowing, also messing around with color palette is fun and challenging. The Red Mango really blew my mind!

Why these flavorings?

FA Mango Indian Special is ripe, dense and saturated being one of the most realistic mangos out there, and FE Mango is a nice base mango flavor, with a succulent texture which makes a mango even more authentic. I could have gone higher with FA Mango indian special but it is yellow, so 1.5% is just the right amount to balance with the Red part.

CAP Hibiscus, if the color Red had a taste it would taste like CAP Hibiscus, this flavoring is difficult to describe, it’s just a candiesh Red, since I had to push it up to bring that redness to the mix, the candiesh part would come forward, and here is where FA Forest Fruit comes in play, It’s a natural berry mix, and kind of cut through the candy note from the hibiscus.

Since want red we needed strawberries of course and WF Strawberry gummy candy is just a perfect accent note, but also push up a tiny bit of the candy note, and this where FLV Pink Guava comes as the icing of the cake, it’s a really authentic guava if you guys haven’t tried a real guava fruit before, FLV Pink Guava is pretty much it. But here in this recipe this flavoring is bridging a gap between, connecting everything together, the candiesh notes from the hibiscus with the natural piney notes from the mangoes.

If you want you can add a cooling agent of your choice and sweeten it out to your taste. If you are a fruit lover, this is definitely an all day vape for you. .

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPHibiscus 2.5
CAPSuper Sweet 0.75
FLVPink Guava 1
FEMango 2
FAForest Fruit Mix 4
FAMango Indian Special 1.5
WFStrawberry Gummy Candy SC 2.5
Conditioning Time: 0 Days Total Flavor:14.25%