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Created By: BuriedAlive
Added On: 12/07/21
Published On: 12/07/21
Updated On: 12/07/21


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Credit to Developed for their Kilo Coffee Milk Remix ---> I just took an already delicious recipe and made it a little festive for the holiday. I swapped out the Cap NY Cheesecake & FW Yogurt for LB White Chocolate Peppermint & FLV Cream.

Off the shake, the Hard Cracked Toffee & the Peppermint sit right on top which is kind of a strange combo, but that weird contrast of flavors makes me keep going back for more. After a couple days steep though, this balances out. The Peppermint settles into the mix more and the White Chocolate & FLV Cream blend nicely with the rest of the flavors.

Both coffee & peppermint are not profiles I vape very often, but every once in a while the mood strikes... I was in the mood this time to try something a little off-beat, and thanks to the Developed crew (insert finger-guns here), I was able to create something super tasty and oddly satisfying that seems perfectly suited for this time of the year.

Happy Holidays!!!

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPFrench Vanilla 0.25
FLVCream 1
LBWhite Chocolate Peppermint 4
PURSuper Sweet 0.5
TPADulce De Leche 1
VTHard Crack Toffee 0.5
Conditioning Time: 2 Days Total Flavor:7.25%