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Created By: chainvapor
Added On: 12/06/21
Published On: 02/20/22
Updated On: 03/26/22

** This Version 2 was created for those who do not like Alpine Strawberry. I prefer V1 but this one is pretty bangin' too **

Strawberry and Cream is a completely overdone profile. We all know this. However, the reason it is a completely overdone profile is because everyone is always looking for the perfect strawberry and cream recipe. Most of us love this profile when it is done correctly. So I decided to give it a little twist with the addition of the pudding. Recommending a 2 week steep for this to let the pudding come thru. Can be shake and vape though.

For those who do not like Alpine Strawberry (FLV) I have substituted the Strawberry Green (FA) in this V2 rendition and boosted the Red Touch from 0.75 to 1.00%.

The Strawberry Green (FA) and Strawberry Red Touch (FA) is my strawberry combo for this V2.

The Vanilla Custard 2 (TFA) and Vanilla Pudding (FLV) are the pudding base.

The Vanilla Cream Extra (WF) adds a nice creamy note while the Whipped Cream (SSA) just tops it all off nicely.

Happy Mixing and Happy Vaping! CV :)

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