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Added On: 12/05/21
Published On: 12/06/21
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As LL Cool J states in mama said in Mama Said Knock You Out, "Don't call it a comeback..." But, after a 2 1/2 year break and deleting all my previous recipes, I've decided to release a peaches and cream with a twist that people will be raving about.

My goal was a balanced peaches and cream. My thought process:

I started with the cream. While I love DAP as much as anyone else, but for this recipe I didn't want it to be overly buttery. Both SSA Ice Cream Vanilla and FLV Cream are sweet vanilla with a little body which is perfect for this recipes. FLV cream is stronger on the inhale and is balanced with SSA's predominate exhale, but the FLV returns at the very end with a spicy note.

Next is MlNikon's peach trinity. The important thing about working with trinities or bases are the ratios, not the percentages. For example, the trinity is listed as 3% FA Apricot, 2% JF Honey Peach and 1% TPA Nectarine. If I had used those exact percentages the peach would overpower the cream, so I kept the ratio the same, but lowered the percentages.

The final piece is the compliment. I like to add an accent or compliment note to most of my recipes. Many times it is a flavor that is the opposite of the other flavors. In this case I added DX Hazelnut. It goes will with both the cream and the peaches, but it also adds body and a "crunch" opposed to the softness of the other ingredients.

It is plenty sweet for me personally but if you need it a little sweeter I would recommend FW Sweetener rather than CAP or FLV. CAP seems to enhance the fruits while FLV seems to enhance the creams; FW is just an all around sweetener and doesn't disrupt the balance.

Both positive and negative feedback is always welcome.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FLVCream 1
FAArmenia (apricot) 2.25
JFHoney Peach 1.5
SSAIce Cream Vanilla 1.75
TPADx Hazelnut 1.25
TPANectarine 0.75
Conditioning Time: 3 Days Total Flavor:8.5%