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Created By: JOE_ROOTS
Added On: 12/31/19
Published On: 12/31/19
Updated On: 11/23/21

I’ve always been a huge fan of champagne/moscato vapes, so after Wayne Did he’s new year champagne recipe I felt very inspired.

This turned out to be a very pleasant vape with a champagne forward taste and I rhubarb and kinda berry aftertaste. And after 2-3 days. I swear. I get a KINDA fizz to it.


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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSuper Sweet 0.25
FLVBoysenberry 0.75
FLVBrut Bubble Wine 1
FAWine Champagne 1
INWRhubarb (yc) 0.25
INWWhite Grapefruit 0.25
VTWS-23 Cooling Agent 10% 0.25
Conditioning Time: 3 Days Total Flavor:3.75%