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Created By: TamVapes
Added On: 05/30/19
Published On: 05/30/19
Updated On: 02/19/22

Upside Down Dark Berry Cake
Seriously, upside down, what is upside down? The Cake or the Berries? Or do you eat it upside down? The berries are confused and were told they needed therapy. Do what you like in my world, mix upside down, vape upside down, just BE YOU! Just don't smoke.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FLVCupcake Batter 0.75
FLVJammy Berry 0.5
FWBlackberry 2.5
FAJammy/Candy Wizard 0.25
OOOCake (Yellow) 4
VTSugar Cane 0.5
Conditioning Time: 3 Days Total Flavor:8.5%