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Created By: JayWay
Added On: 05/25/19
Published On: 05/25/19
Updated On: 02/17/22

Finally discovered that the infamous V-GOD Silver vanilla profile was: custard! (plues some vanillin, and a ton of sweetener). This is no clone, it is way better (checked with buddys) and the tobacco is really present. This (INW) Custard lets the tobacco shine, with different accents that make it interesting on each vape. (FLV) Cured and (FLV) Kentucky give it the spice and smoke (FLV) Red Burley adds tones of dark, sweet cocoa (FLV) Connecticut Shade is an intense, full tasty accent (do not overdo or it reigns all!) and (FLV) Native is the sweet connection to the vanillas. (DFS) Holy Vanilla delivers (specially for the slightly vanilla blind, like me!) (INW) Custard is the hidden ingredient, which loses its desert profile to support the tobaccos brilliantly. Vanillas need to steep, tobaccos are great on SNV but will evolve pleasantly. Give it at least 4 days for 70% VG so it all blends well.

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Flavoring Ingredients

DFSHoly Vanilla 2
FLVConnecticut Shade 0.5
FLVCured Tobacco 1.5
FLVKentucky Blend 0.8
FLVNative Tobacco 1.5
FLVRed Burley 1
INWCustard 1.5
Conditioning Time: 4 Days Total Flavor:8.8%