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Created By: JayWay
Added On: 05/04/19
Published On: 05/04/19
Updated On: 11/23/21

Having failed with many vanillas for tobacco (and I have like 8 now), being a bit vanilla blind (but loving the stuff!) was looking for a profile that hit like infamous V-GOD Silver. This $$ juice has an excessively sweet vanilla profile (saturates on my Entheon clone!) but is not too bad on an RDA, the tobacco is hidden in the back but is regrettably enjoyable. This recipe being far away, but IMHO much better! SNV okay, but vanilla rises in 4-7 days. INW Biscuit - an amazing sweet, full, delicate vanilla biscuit which holds nicely with the tobacco DFS Holy Vanilla - I'm afraid for a slightly vanilla-impaired like myself it is amazing, as hyped! The rest is a classic Flavorah tobacco, which comes alive after 1 week steeping. I went with: FLV Kentucky Blend - the ash profile, wich needs a little help from its colleagues FLV Native Tobacco - probably my favorite from Flavorah, spicy bright (I vape it at 4% with no shame!) FLV Red Burley - gives it the dark, chocolaty profile and connects with the heavy vanilla

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Flavoring Ingredients

DFSHoly Vanilla 1
FLVKentucky Blend 1.75
FLVNative Tobacco 1.5
FLVRed Burley 1
INWBiscuit 1.5
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:6.75%