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Created By: Nerf
Added On: 04/23/19
Published On: 04/23/19
Updated On: 05/08/23

Blood Orange Margarita-ish club soda coctail

Base I have chosen flv agave tequila, flv citrus soda as the base with a drop of extra lime to sharpen the profile.

FLV agave Tequila I tequila low so as not to make it too boozy, go up to 0.75, if you so please.

FLV Citrus Soda Stayed relatively low here to leave space for the rest of the flavours. Just used to break the monotony of the tequila. The flavours i selected to use with the tequila sits almost on the same spectrum and i needed something to just give the base some body and depth.

CAP Super Sweet Along with the Citus soda helps give sweeteness and depth

FA Lime Cold Pressed Just a dash of juicy lime to sharpen the profile. I chose cold pressed because its a nice sweet and juice lime. Not too zetsy, and no real bitterness. Didnt want to overload as the tequila is plenty bitter already.

Top Notes

FA Blood Orange This is the star of the show. I love love FA blood orange. Sweet, crisp, loads of citrus high notes and not too deep "red toned" if that makes sense... I wanted a mid to high tone note here... To almost sit on the same spectrum as the tequila.


FW Ginger Again sits on the same spectum as the blood orange and tequila. Together they come accross muddled and they almost translate to a new, unique flavour.Linear, dryish ginger with a tame ginger bite.

Note: ws-23 is a 25% dilution

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSuper Sweet 0.5
FLVCitrus Soda 1.5
FLVTequila Agave 0.5
FWGinger 0.5
FABlood Orange 2.5
FALime Tahity Cold Pressed 0.35
OTHRWS-23 0.5
Conditioning Time: 2 Days Total Flavor:6.35%