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Created By: Jazzy_girl
Added On: 04/20/19
Published On: 04/20/19
Updated On: 11/23/21

I let this sit for a few days and its so vapably delicious to me! I wanted to try the #Flavorah blueberry n berries in an all FLV concentrate recipe, and id have to say its a keeper. The black currant works so wonderful to deepen the dark berries and the boysenberry is so yummy!! Cinnamon crunch goes so well with blueberries they may as well be married!! I added the lemonade to give the berries a touch of citrus to accent because it adds a little brighness to the mix. If you have the flavors give it a mix and if you are a fan of berries. I think youll enjoy this as much as i do

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Flavoring Ingredients

FLVBlack Currant 0.5
FLVBlueberry 2
FLVBlueberry Muffin 2
FLVBoysenberry 1
FLVCinnamon Crunch 3
FLVLemonade 0.5
Conditioning Time: 3 Days Total Flavor:9%