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Created By: SheckJuarez
Added On: 01/18/19
Published On: 01/18/19
Updated On: 05/08/23

Hola.. This is a simple, stupid cucumber mix intended to meet or beat the cucumber mix used by the epidemiological pod device that shall not be named.

It's pretty good.

Cap cucumber gives it the mushy middle, FA adds in a bit more peel (Which of these are more attractive to the yoots of 'Merka is unknown at the time of this writing.)

Oddly, Since you'll see cucumber used in some cases to boost the rind note of many melons, I played around with adding some wild melon to boost the cucumber wet notes. I haven't played all that much with up and down percentages for this, but I'm pretty happy with it just where it is. :)

WS-23 gives it a bit of coolness to boost that fresh sense you get from biting into a good 'ole back yard cucumber.

Anyways.. Pretty fun little mix for pod devices if that's your thing..

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPCucumber 7
FLVWild Melon 0.25
FACucumber 2
OTHRWS-23 0.2
TPAHoneysuckle (pg) 1
Conditioning Time: 1 Days Total Flavor:10.45%