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Created By: Demented76
Added On: 07/23/18
Published On: 07/23/18
Updated On: 11/23/21

A warm gooey apple and cranberry turnover filled with some of my favorite Fall flavors.

The Crust: Zeppola & Cinnamon Danish-These work together to make my pastry type crust and bring a little bit of buttery cinnamon to the mix.

The Filling: I saw apples, pecans and cranberries in the filling, which also happen to be ingredients I like to throw into my oatmeal, so I already knew they went together nicely. Trader Joe used to carry dried orange cranberries that were amazing and I would cook with them every chance that I got. The PUR-Cranberry Orange just kind of warms up the mix and adds a nice depth. I liked the pecan flavor in the PUR-Butter Pecan Praline Ice Cream so I used it to add some creaminess to my filling as well as the nuttiness. FLV-Maple just works really well with these flavors as does the FA-Liquid Amber to help round out the recipe. You could sub the CAP-Double Apple for Pur-Country Apple if needed. The Cap-Super Sweet is optional but it does add a nice hint of sweetness to the mix.

I let it settle for a few hours before taste testing it and it has not changed drastically with steeping. I did cut down the original amount of FA-Zeppola because it got a little greasier than I wanted. I may still tweak it a bit when I have time but overall I am happy with how it turned out.

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