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Created By: mixinvixens
Added On: 07/23/18
Published On: 07/23/18
Updated On: 11/23/21

🏷️ A sweet and tart cherry, pear, and apple strudel. These fruits have been coated with rich warm cinnamon and powdered sugar, then baked inside a toasted buttery pastry. I hope you enjoy it.

Top: Cherry Extract & Amarena Cherry combine to make a sweet, tart, and lightly blossom-esque pie filling styled cherry right up front. Followed by a flavorful, juicy, and bright cooked Pear Apple flavor; made by combining Ripe Pear and Shisha Apple. The inherent tart notes found in these fruity flavors are offset and balanced with a touch of Powdered Sugar and cooked with a coating of warm Rich Cinnamon.

Base: Apple Pie not only serves as a solid pastry base, it’s light fresh apple flavors helps to bridge the gap between the apple and pear top notes. Almond Cookie and Croissant help support the Apple Pie by fortifying the warm buttery bakery notes; rounding out the toasted pastry flavor.

📌 Note – FLV’s Rich Cinnamon is very potent and can easily overpower the mix. A dilution is recommended; however, I used the toothpick method. Literally ½ of ½ a drop is more than enough.

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Flavoring Ingredients

EURAmarena Cherry 0.75
FLVRich Cinnamon 0.06
FAApple Pie 2
INWShisha Apple 0.75
OOOPowdered Sugar 0.2
TPACherry Extract 3
WFAlmond Cookie SC 1
WFCroissant SC 1
WFRipe Pear SC 2.25
Conditioning Time: 12 Days Total Flavor:11.01%