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Created By: SrMixAlot
Added On: 07/19/18
Published On: 07/19/18
Updated On: 11/23/21

Everyone is so much into the Gods Milk... So I created Amara's Custard.. According to lore this is the sister of the oh great one.. I figured a custard over a Milk because we all know sibling are all different.. Vanilla Custard V1 is a must.. Lemon Meringue Pie within the mix for that slight lemon notes with a creamy taste. Marshmallow.. What can I say.. it's Marshmallow you can't go wrong. New York Cheesecake.. yet another flavor you can't go wrong. Sweet Coconut.. DUH!! Vanilla Whipped Cream.. This is like the Frank's Red Hot.. I put That Sh*t on everything. Golden Butter.. What's a little Butter in a mix.. This will help with the creams.

Overall a very tasty mix and well balanced in flavor as well as creaminess throughout..

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