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Created By: matthewkocanda
Added On: 07/16/18
Published On: 07/16/18
Updated On: 11/23/21

"Since I Hate the State That Reddit Is In, I Figured I Would Post Something to Piss Everyone Off"

Remember when pop punk bands used to write songs that had excessively long song titles like that? Yeah, I guess I'm bringing it back.

Anyway, I'm not gonna do a super in depth breakdown of this, because it's pretty obvious how it works, but I'll do a proper flavour note documentation on reddit here in a little bit. This is just what it seems to be, a slightly tart and bright strawberry recipe. I was initially going for a candied strawberry soda profile, but it wasn't working out, so I went for a more tart strawberry, and that worked nicely. I'll post both of these, because I did a version that works really nicely in pod devices as well. Enjoy.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSweet Strawberry 2.25
FLVSour Apple 1
FARed Touch (strawberry) 2.75
VTFizzy Sherbet 1.5
Conditioning Time: 2 Days Total Flavor:7.5%