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The blueberry ugly. A fried blueberry fritter covered in sugar and condensed milk icing. I loved these as a kid and this flavor brings back a lot of memories.

Created: August 26, 2017 (almost 4 years ago)

% Vendor Flavor
(FLV) Blueberry
(FW) Blueberry
(FLV) Blueberry Muffin
(FW) Cake (yellow)
(FLV) Fried Dough
(FLV) Frosting
(FLV) Milk & Honey
(CAP) Super Sweet
Total flavoring: 12.85% Steep Days: 7 (SNV) Best VG: 0% Temperature: 0
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User: 2wikky Score: None Entered: almost 4 years ago
Hi Lunchbox! I loved those ugly things as a kid....actually, I still do. Just not as many donut shops open nowadays. Not like they used to be. I just mixed up a batch of this, and I always drip a little on my RDA, just as a baseline and see how it steeps. I get a major plasticy note from this. Right up front and it sticks to my palate long after exhaling. Hope this steeps out, and I'll be back. 1 week steep, there's stil a very distracting plastic topnote, that I attribute similar to melted plastic. Its probably just me, I think its the FLV blueberry muffin as I've never used it this high before. Maybe that in conjunction with the FLV fried dough. There some bright berry juice hiding behind the wall of plastic, its juicy and candied. Maybe using a touch of lemon would help brighten it up a bit, and bring it to the forefront. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I won't be finishing this 10 ml sample, its too off putting for me. I might revisiting in a week or so, but for now I with refrain from rating this.